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Is the Internet an enemy of writers' creativity? Huffington Post and Techcrunch establish a presence in Australia, how to make story time count with your kids, free homes to dedicated writers, the book 'Everyone can write' by Howard Gelman, build your following before your book deal, Writer in Residence Mark Dapin, is Scrivener right for you? And why you need to treat your writing as a business.

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Great authors who've disowned their books, why is Scarlett Johansson suing an author? Australian Gourmet Traveller and Harvey Norman announce the Gourmet Institute, advice from a former book publicist, grow your blog one reader at a time, Writer in Residence and senior commissioning editor at John Wiley & Sons Kristen Hammond, our Web Pick, our Working Writer's Tip and more!

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Are journalists miserable, over educated and underpaid? The Best Australian blogs are announced, the secret libraries of New York city, write a novel... in a game, how Reading Australia are making a difference to Australian schools and universities, the importance of staying published, Writer in Residence Fiona McFarlane, our Working Writer's Tip, our Web Pick and more!

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Tablet magazines - are you reading them? The periodic table of storytelling, fake twitter followers, the difference between goals and dreams, the top 10 blogs for writers, how to write a blog post in 15 minutes or less, Writer in Residence tween author Alexa Moses, our Working Writer's Tip, our Web Pick and more!

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Finalists for the Best Australian Blogs Competition are announced, should you dump your agent and focus on self-publishing? JuNoWriMo is here, Fin Review apologies for 'World is Fukt' front page, the most hated travel writing cliches, the book Youtility by Jay Baer, Writer in Residence Gabrielle Tozer, our Web Pick and more!

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