So You Want To Be A Writer with Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait: Australian Writers' Centre podcast

Why Valerie can't go past a good typewriter, author-approved writing implements, student successes, Cory Doctorow's novel pulled from school reading programme, where to find book recommendations, the eight stages of writing a first draft, Writer in Residence freelance fiction editor Nicola O'Shea, the questions you must ask your editor or proofreader, how to check for plagiarism and more!

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What are your writing fears? Towns replacing lost industry with books, how to write a solid press release, a new system for plotting your novel, Reservoir Dad - The Book, Writer in Residence, best selling author and Amazon success story Hugh Howey, how to use the Pomodoro technique, why you need fingerless gloves and more!

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Do you need to give away your secrets to succeed? Why you must know what an author platform is, how book launches have changed, the 14 stages to writing a book, is it time to stop blogging? Writer in Residence Deborah O'Brien, what happens if you lose your draft, and should you call yourself a writer if you're not yet published?

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Take a break to write, Goodreads launches 'ask the author' section, old writer's notebooks, author earnings: established vs debut, Amazon and Hatchette to decide future of book publishing and what this means for you, the comprehensive book blogger list, Writer in Residence Dr. Kim Wilkins (aka Kimberley Freeman), why you need Canva in your life and those famous last words: "I'll write when..."

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