So You Want To Be A Writer with Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait: Australian Writers' Centre podcast

Book cover cliches - do they sell? Why writers are opening up about finances, 37 books every creative person should read, how to become a prolific writer while holding down a day job, Writer in Residence Joanna Rakoff (and a giveaway!), the Qwerkywriter, author trademarks and more!

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What not to say when you're a writer, stop using character names as a crutch, the future of libraries, the book Port Out Starboard Home by Michael Quinion, why we write, Writer in Residence and founder of Newsmodo Rakhal Ebeli, unique story prompts, how many pitches you should send to a writer at once and more.

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Ghostwriting: what it's like to be a writer for hire, crime writing, 10 writing tips from HarperCollins editors, Stephen King's tips for all writers, should you break up with your agent? 10 tips on blogging from Darren Rowse, bestselling author Kate Forsyth, why you should write 750 words per day, why you need to shift your thinking on pitching and more!

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Which writer is spending Stephen King's money? How you can make 50k a year without hitting the bestseller list, writing letters to strangers is making a comeback, Fiona McFarlane writes about her journey to being published, how to revive your creativity, Writer in Residence and daddy blogger Reservoir Dad, tracking your writing expenses, what you should charge for content marketing and more!

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Why Valerie makes people cry, is the book industry living or dying? Why journalists are less trusted than lawyers, how to become a wildlife journalist, should you consider a career in technical writing? Books That Changed the World by Andrew Taylor, blog naming woes, why bloggers need to do more than just trademark their name, Writer in Residence and author behind the Marika Hartmann series Greg Barron, writing on a green screen, how to tell if a publisher pays and more!

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