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How long should your blog post be? The rules of writing, why you should write love letters, finding your 'discomfort threshold', the secrets for blogging your way to a six-figure income, Writer in Residence Lex Marinos, the best (free) app for scriptwriting, making a living as a freelance writer and more!

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Inspired by Jane Austen, how fan fiction can land you a book deal, find freelance writing jobs on twitter, bizarre niche blogs, good news for Australian bookshops, The Aitch Factor by Sue Butler, nine apps bloggers need, Writer in Residence Michael Robotham, what to do when your case studies fall through and more!

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Why it's important to write for your goals, the best suggestion I ever got from my editor, the difference between editing features and editing fiction, how to become a productive freelance writer, the book No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty, agents behaving badly, Writer in Residence and New York Times bestselling author Liane Moriarty, a new social networking app for authors, should you advise editors if your pitch is accepted elsewhere, and more!

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Kurt Vonnegut's beautiful letter, how to find the time to write, why writing no longer buys a champagne lifestyle (or does it?), how to get 'show, don't tell' right, Writer in Residence and blogging sensation Nikki Parkinson, why you need name dice, what to do when you hear nothing from an editor and much more!

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