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Get your freelancing business up to scratch, the best middle fiction books of 2014, the newest word in the dictionary, 10 words invented by writers, an editor reveals what she wants to read, the future of journalism, The Hoopla launches a quarterly newspaper aimed at teens, is it plagiarism or "mixing"? Why writing businesses fail, Writer in Residence The Minimalists, the clickbait headline generator, how to find the time to read and much more!

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The best Australian books you’ve never heard of, a transformative library, is ‘finding your voice’ laughable? Life advice from sponsored posts, an author reveals how she failed, the book Hades by Candice Fox, Writer in Residence Charlotte Wood, how to record phone interviews and much more!
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Tom Hanks' book release, should you work from a co-working space?, Twitter etiquette,  whether to double or single space after a full stop, DIY publicity, AWC graduate Lisa Chaplin scores a book deal, Writer in Residence Toby Jenkins, free Microsoft Word app hits the Apple charts, how to find the armpits, Storyology 2014, and should you only take stories that interest you?

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The 'Middle Fiction' kids reading guide, blogging Betties, Michel Faber plans to stop writing novels, is Amazon doing the world a favor by crushing book publishers? Perfectionism is slowing your progress, what your handwriting says about you, the Rescue My Site competition, why you must write before you get your perfect writing space, the minimalists are coming to Australia, Writer in Residence Bernadette Foley, get into Google+, Storyology workshops and much more! 

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